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Feltes Lending; Easy Loan

Feltes Lending; Easy Loan Feltes Lending; Easy Loan




“I had a few different debts that I just wanted to consolidate into the one loan. I contacted Felteslending  and their attitude was absolutely fantastic.

 Their service was second to none. They listen to your requirements, they give you options and their incredibly friendly service makes you feel very comfortable.

And even when I had made a payment that I thought was the final one, but it wasn’t, they saw what the problem was, they helped me sort it out and it was no issue.

For me, Felteslending scores a 10 out 10 for service and efficiency”

Grant Anderson

"I just went in to refinance my loan and I was referred by a friend to Felteslending and they  helped with the loan without stress and hassle.  I would recommend this place to anyone who need a loan."

Kathy Tyler.

“We had a vacant commercial property in Phoenix, which was obviously not bringing any income, so it was almost impossible to get a loan from an institution, we appreciate Felteslending, helped us getting cash out on our real estate.”

James Rodney



Where does the money come from for a hard money loan?

  •   Personal Funds, 
  • Group of individuals looking for returns on their money

What is the method of  loan funds delivery?

  • Wire transfer
  • Checks
  • Deposits 

Where do we cover?

  • United Sates (50 States)
  • Internationally  

How fast do we close?

  • 2-3 working days  on approval  

Are there loan fees

  • Yes, upon approval  and closing 



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